Our History

Celebrated for their thin-crust and diversified pizzas, and toppings ranging from classic to creative, Camelo became one of the most traditional pizza restaurants of São Paulo.
Camelo today has five restaurants, located in the best neighborhoods of the city – Jardins, Morumbi, Higienópolis, Itaim & Moema – and one restaurant in Ipanema, heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Opened in 1957, in Pamplona street – Jardins, Camelo started as an Arab restaurant. Six years later, when acquired by the Nóbrega Family, the restaurant underwent significant menu changes and started serving wood-fire pizzas and other special dishes, such as the famous deep fried chicken (a passarinho) and beef sirloin stroganoff.


Chef Pizza Cook Antônio Macedo conceives the pizza menu served for dinner since 1963. Among his special creations are the hits Due Funghi, Camelo, Vegetarian and new toppings, such as Ipanema, especially created for the opening of Camelo in Rio.

Camelo in Rio

Successful and always trendy in São Paulo, the traditional Pizzaria Camelo reached out to Rio de Janeiro. Location could not be better: Henrique Dumont Avenue, right in the heart of Ipanema Beach. An spacious and comfortable house – State landmark – enchants visitors. Architectural project by Maurício de Nóbrega and Lightening project by Maneco Quinderé.